1. Login to your Steam account
  2. Click "ADD A GAME..." in the bottom left
  3. Click "Activate a Product on Steam..."
  4. Click "NEXT"
  5. Click "I Agree"
  6. Enter you game code and click "NEXT"
  7. Proceed with installation by double clicking the game in your library.

Steam Gift Link ACTIVATION

  1. Enter the Steam Gift link in your browser (make sure that you are logged in to the correct account - otherwise see point 2)
  2. Login to your Steam account
  3. Accept the gift by clicking "Accept Gift" at the bottom of the page
  4. Add the game to either your library or Steam Gift Inventory
  5. A message will be displayed about a successful redemption of the game

Steam Wallet Code Activation

  1. Login to your Steam account
  2. Click on "Games" in the top left and then select "Redeem a Steam Wallet Code..." from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your Steam Wallet Code and click "Continue"
  4. A currency conversion may occur, in this case just click "Continue"
  5. A message should appear on the screen about a successful redemption