This is a three-part guide which includes the activation instructions for Minecraft (Windows 10 Edition), Microsoft Office (2016 and 2019)and Microsoft Windows 10 below:

To activate Minecraft (Windows 10 Edition) code follow this guide:

  1. Go to This website
  2. Enter your code and click 'Next'
  3. Confirm your activation by clicking 'Continue'
  4. Proceed with the instruction on screen (you can find and install your game from Microsoft Store)

To activate Microsoft Office product, follow these guides:

For 2016 version:

  1. Go to this site: and log in to Your Microsoft Account or create a new one:
  2. Click „Enter the product key” link:
  3. Confirm Your account and click „Next” button:
  4. Enter the product key, choose Your country and language and then click on the „Next” button:
  5. Your product is now activated, You can download and use Your Office software.

For 2019 version redeem your code on this website

To activate Microsoft Windows 10 code, follow the guide below:

  1. If you are performing a fresh installation of Windows 10, you will be prompted to enter your code during installation
  2. After you complete the installation, follow the instuctions in Step 3
  3. If you want to enter/change your product key within Windows 10, follow the screenshot below: